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All About Tungsten Carbide Coating – Here’s What You Should Know

Tungsten Carbide coating is a Thermal Spray Technology and is used by many industries to enhance the quality of certain products, like ammunition and cutting tools. Twice as stiff as steel and with a density much higher than titanium or steel, it is the one product that can only be polished by abrasive materials that are of superior hardness, like diamond powder.

The secret lies in the equal combination of tungsten and carbon, which makes it ultra-hard and an ideal coating material. If you’d like to know more in depth knowledge, check out National Alloy Solutions’ Twitter Page.

Most people don’t know this, but this coating material is actually widely used. Not only will you find it in ammunition and cutting tools, you will also find it in everyday products like tungsten carbide jewelry, which is know widely popular in bridal jewelry because of its hardness (18 karat gold jewelry is nothing compared to it) and also because of its technical details.

It is also being used as tips in trekking poles and tires for great traction on a surface.

If you are like most people, you really don’t need to know anything more about this product other than it is a hard coating material that is being used in different products. But if you own a manufacturing company that has a need for it somewhere in the production line, you need to read and listen.

There are actually many companies out there that specialize in tungsten carbide coating solutions. Just do a search on Google to see what we mean. The company at the top of the search result offers different coating systems.
There’s the use of the HVOF thermal spray. HVOF stands for High Velocity Oxygen Fuel and it is a thermal spray process. Hot, high-pressure gas is inserted into a nozzle and sent down a barrel at ultra-high speeds, which causes tungsten carbide to bind to a surface.
Then there are other coating processes including flame spray, hard coating surfacing, roll coating, plasma electric arc spray, plasma transfer arc welding, and electric arc spray. We’re not going to get into the details of each process because that would just make this article long and boring.
Anyway, just know that if it’s coating you need, there are many companies that can do it for you. Really, there’s no need to make your own coating plant.

But just like anything else, not all of these companies are created alike. Some are definitely better than others. And when we say “better”, we do mean better equipment and better processes.Obviously, you want to deal only with the better companies. To do that, you should research on the different companies. Ask about their prices and talk with company representative to see who can do a better job. Then do some research on what current and former clients are saying about them. Only when you’ve found a reputable company with the right price and quality service to match should you deal.

The different spray coating processes are based off of the initial invention of Max Ulrick Schoop, a Swiss inventor who made his discovery in 1909.

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